Weed Mat and Shade Cloth -

Weed Mat and Shade Cloth

Weed Mat

Stop weeds without chemicals. Woven fabric - effective in preventing most weeds. Lay down before planting and will prevent weeds growing through and around plants. Air and water are still able to penetrate the fabric. Samples are available for your inspection.

Sizes available:
.915m x 100m x 100gsm
1.83m x 50m x 100gsm
1.83m x 100m x 100gsm
3.66m x 100m x 100gsm

Shade Cloth

With many suppliers of poor shade cloth on the market, you can trust our high quality product. Our manufacturer provided the safety nets used in the construction of the One World Trade Center in New York. High quality HDPE, UV Stabilised, lock-stitched knitted shadecloth. Available in all shade factors and in rolls of 1.83m and 3.66m x 50 rolls and have a minimum 5 year warranty. Samples are available for your inspection.


Coir Logs

Used for revegetation projects, erosion control and all types of conservation projects.


High performance HDPE geomembranes made by Garden City Geotech, Australia's largest manufacturers of geomembrane. Chevron Phillips Marlex® K307 MDPE Hexene Copolymer is only used in the manufacture of our GRI GM13 HDPE geomembrane.

Applications include - pond liners, gas & chemical tank containment liners and landfill liners.

Sizes Available
Width7 metres7 metres8 metres8 metres
Length105 metres140 metres140 metres105 metres
Surface Areas735 m2960 m21120 m2840 m2
Other sizes made to order