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Tree Collars, Tree Guards and Tree Ties

Here at WHS Australia, we offer products to assist with the growth of your trees. These include tree collars and guards that act as tree ties but are stronger and more functional. Our tree collars protect your plants against wind damage, while our tree guards work to prevent damage from rodents and pests. To find out more about how these products can help you, get in touch today!


Tree Collars

This fantastic new product is manufactured from a UV resistant polypropylene belt with adjustable velcro straps and long-lasting plastic clips. This tree collar can be fitted to all sizes of wire or cable and has cushioned aluminium plates with stainless steel nuts and bolts. A very simple, low-cost way to protect your valuable tree stock, the tree collar is fully UV protected and guaranteed to last for many years. Standard sizes available are;


Ref LTO5240     Landscape Model 5cm - 24cm
Ref LTO5200     5cm x 20cm to suit trunk size 9.5cm - 15cm
Ref LTO5310     5cm x 31cm to suit trunk size 16cm - 25cm
Ref LTO5385     5cm x 38.5cm to suit trunk size 26cm - 31cm
Ref LTO75490   7.5cm x 49cm to suit trunk size 32cm - 44cm


We can also custom make any special size to suit your needs. If you’re a dedicated tree grower, this product is for you!

Tree Guards

Our high-quality tree guards are used to protect developing trees. Ideal for revegetation projects, they help to deter rodents and other pests. Our tree guards are available in packs of 200 450mm x 350mm.

Note: Bamboo canes sold separately.

Tree Ties                                 


Manufactured from durable PVC rubber with an additional 3% of UV stabilizer, rubber tree ties do not chafe the plant, are fully adjustable   

and long-lasting.

 A very simple low cost way to protect your valuable plant stock.

Available 3 sizes: 

Ref TTS    22 cm/ 1500 units
Ref TTM    27 cm/900 units
Ref TTL     44 cm/250 units