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Automatic, precision watering systems for your landscape


Flower Shrub & Tree Kit


This kit utilises drippers to deliver water straight to the base of the plant.Includes everything you need to water your flowers, shrubs and tree without the nedd for any additional tools.  

  • Ref RDFSTK                      Flower Shurd & Tree Ties Kit

  • Ref RDTT20                      Tap Timer- 200 mm (rentail packaging)

  • Ref RDFPR20                    Filter/Pressure Regulator 20 mm

  • Ref RDST13                       Supply Tube, Swivel  Adaptor & End Plug 13 mm

  • Ref RDCK13                       Connection Kit - 13 mm

  • Ref RDEK4                         Feeder Line and Emitter Kit 4 mm


Ground Cover & Flower Bed Kit

This Kit uses adjustable sprinkler heads that are ideal for watering ground cover and flower beds.  irrigation_system_ground_cover_flower_bed_kit_400

These sprinkler heads use 50% less water than traditional sprinklers.

  • Ref RDGCFBK                      Ground Cover & Flower bed kit

  • Ref RDTT20                          Tap Timer - 20mm (retail packaging)

  • Ref RDFPR20                       Filter/ Pressure Regulator - 20mm

  • Ref RDST13                          Supply Tube, Swivel, Adaptor & end plug -13mm

  • RDCK13                               Connection Kit - 13mm

  • RDMSK4                              Feeder Line and Micro Sprayer Kit - 400


Pot & Handing Basket Kit

Perfect for pots and hanging baskets, this effective and customisable system eliminates


the need for time consuming hand watering.

  • Ref RDPHBK                          Pot & Hanging Basket Kit

  • Ref RDTT20                           Tap Timer- 20mm (Retail Packaging)

  • Ref RDSTSA4                         Supply Tubing and Swivel Adaptor - 4mm

  • Ref RDBEK4                           Barbed Emitter Kit - 4mm        


Vegetable Garden Kit


This kit incluides a 6 mm dripline for custom placement that result in better growth               

and higher yields while using less water than traditional methods.

  • Ref RDVGK                              Vegetable Garden KIt 

  • RDDSA6                                  Dripline and Swivel Adaptor 6mm

  • RDSK6                                    10 x Stakes


Set-N-Flow Automatic Water Timer

Easy to program, water tight, timed manual modes, 72 hour rain delay,  irrigation_system_water_timer_400_05

connects to any outdor tap amd set & relax!

  • Ref RDTT20                              Tap Timer - 20 mm



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