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Are you trying to find where the best place is to buy grow bags and nursery supplies? At WHS Australia, we manufacture and supply quality products for the forestry, nursery and horticultural industries in Perth and around the world. Along with our top product, the Easy-Fill™ Planter Bags, we are the leading suppliers of weed mats, shade cloths, propagation or seedling trays, garden stakes and woven planter bags.

Nursery Innovation and the Planter Bag

Our Australian family-owned company was the first in the world to conceive the round bottom woven planter bag with handles, Easy-Fill™. It was only after a two-year trial in the harsh Australian climate that we presented our innovative product to the horticultural industry. The planter bag innovation gave nurseries another far healthier option to growing plants using traditional methods. After 20 years and with over 18 million Easy-Fill™ Planter Bags sold in more than 20 countries, their reliability and strength has proven to be second to none.

Trees are able to grow inside the Easy-Fill™ Planter Bags without having their root systems damaged. Root control and formation won’t be compromised with these planter bags, meaning the quality of your trees and plants will continue to stay healthy for a long period of time.

Manufacturing, Sale and Shipping of Horticultural Products

Our team at WHS Australia are solely involved in every aspect of the development and management of our products. From the manufacturing of the fabric in our factories to the sewing and packaging of our products, we take care of all the manufacturing and shipping components of all of our orders. Our personal relationship with each individual customer ensures that the products they purchase are shipped on time and to any destination in the world. This attention to detail and commitment to quality control at every step is our unique approach to business.

We ship our planter bags, nursery and horticultural supplies to all parts of Perth, as well as locations across Australia and around the world. To learn more about how we can supply you with the products you need for your nursery, contact us today by calling +61 (0) 438 834 379.