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Bamboo Sticks and Garden Stakes

Bamboo Sticks and Flower Sticks

Sourced from environmentally conscious areas, our bamboo sticks and flower sticks are of the highest quality. To find out how they can help maintain your plants and trees, contact us today!

Hardwood Stakes

Our hardwood stakes come in a variety of sizes and are available pre-packaged and labelled. Alternatively, they can be packed loose and bundled to suit your requirements. All our stakes are of the highest standard and are legally sourced from environmentally sustainable areas.
Hardwood Garden Stakes sizes:
  • 13x13x600mm
  • 13x13x900mm
  • 19x19x1200mm
  • 19x19x1500mm
  • 19x19x1800mm
  • 25x25x1500mm
  • 25x25x1800mm
  • 25x25x2000mm
  Hardwood Single Stakes sizes:
  • 38x38x150cm
  • 38x38x180cm
  • 38x38x200cm
  • 50x50x150cm
  • 50x50x180cm
  • 50x50x200cm

Bamboo Tree Stakes

We supply top quality first and second cut bamboo tree stakes and canes. Sourced from China, they are naturally green and available in a variety of sizes.

Sizes available:

  • 45cm x 6-8mm
  • 45cm x 8-10mm
  • 60cm x 6-8mm
  • 60cm x 8-10mm
  • 60cm x 10-12mm
  • 75cm x 8-10mm
  • 75cm x 10-12mm
  • 75cm x 16-18mm
  • 90cm x 8-10mm
  • 90cm x 10-12mm
  • 105cm x 7-9mm
  • 105cm x 14-16mmv
  • 120cm x 8-10mm
  • 120cm x 10-12mm
  • 120cm x 14-16mm
  • 120cm x 20-22mm
  • 150cm x 8-10mm
  • 150cm x 12-14mm
  • 150cm x 16-18mm
  • 150cm x 20-22mm
  • 180cm x 12-14mm
  • 180cm x 16-18mm
  • 180cm x 20-22mm
  • 240cm x 20-22mm
  • 300cm x 24-26mm

To find out how our nursery stakes and sticks will help you maintain the quality of your trees and plants, call us today!

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