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Bamboo Sticks and Garden Stakes

Bamboo Sticks and Flower Sticks

Hardwood Stakes and Bamboo Stakes

Our hardwood stakes come in a variety of sizes and are available in pre-packaged and labelled packs or can be packed loose and bundled to suit your requirements. All of our stakes are certi standard and are sourced from environmentally sustainable areas. ed V-Legal

Hardwood Garden Stakes pre-packed sizes:
  • 13x13x600mm
  • 13x13x900mm
  • 19x19x1200mm
  • 19x19x1500mm
  • 19x19x1800mm
  • 25x25x1500mm
  • 25x25x1800mm
  • 25x25x2000mm
Hardwood Single Stakes sizes:
  • 38x38x150cm
  • 38x38x180cm
  • 38x38x200cm
  • 50x50x150cm
  • 50x50x180cm
  • 50x50x200cm

Bamboo Stakes

We can supply a large range of top quality first and second cut bamboo stakes and canes in natural and green colour from China. Available in a variety of sizes.

Sizes available:

  • 45cm x 6-8mm
  • 45cm x 8-10mm
  • 60cm x 6-8mm
  • 60cm x 8-10mm
  • 60cm x 10-12mm
  • 75cm x 8-10mm
  • 75cm x 10-12mm
  • 75cm x 16-18mm
  • 90cm x 8-10mm
  • 90cm x 10-12mm
  • 105cm x 7-9mm
  • 105cm x 14-16mmv
  • 120cm x 8-10mm
  • 120cm x 10-12mm
  • 120cm x 14-16mm
  • 120cm x 20-22mm
  • 150cm x 8-10mm
  • 150cm x 12-14mm
  • 150cm x 16-18mm
  • 150cm x 20-22mm
  • 180cm x 12-14mm
  • 180cm x 16-18mm
  • 180cm x 20-22mm
  • 240cm x 20-22mm
  • 300cm x 24-26mm
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